Eric Alan

"The overall tone of Eric Alán is like a cross between the flashy action of Madonna and the dark, gentlemanly passion and power of Depeche Mode.  Alán's vocals, though more direct and not as melodramatic, have the same gorgeous timbre and quality of DM's Dave Gahan - smokey, shadowy and masculine. The overall impression one gets is that Alán is an exceptionally fun artist as well as a remarkably intelligent one. Like 'Pornstar' and 'L. O. V. & E.', 'My Favorite Sin' features the same adernaline-powered ferocity, the same innate sexiness and the same classy yet challenging rebelliousness that has made Eric Alán the artist he is today." - Sean McCauley, Freelance Music Journalist

Having been enamored with music and dance from an early age, New York based Eric Alán takes center stage once again with his current release 'My Favorite Sin'. He sites the Latin Freestyle movement as well as music icons such as Donna Summer, Depeche Mode and Madonna as some of his major influences. For Eric, music is the expression of his freedoms and a shaking off of his past obstacles.


Since his last release, Eric has been working on various artistic projects, and even managed to win GetOut! Magazine's  LGBT Artist of the Year Award in 2013 shortly after the release of 'L. O. V. & E.'.


Following the momentum of  previous releases Eric Alán presents his newest and arguably most vulnerable work to date, 'My Favorite Sin'.  The release also includes a not to be missed bonus track 'Where Are You Now'.





Eric Alán describes the new release as "deeply personal, haunting and honest."  'My Favorite Sin' was produced and co-written by Anthony Fletcher of Thos Productions.  "Infusing a contemporary sound with the gravitas and boldness of a star from the 70’s and 80’s Eric Alán has his own style, on his own terms." says Fletcher on working with Alán.  As if the original version wasn't enough to get your attention, Alán enlisted some of his "family members" at Sobel Nation for dance remixes that are by all accounts TKOs!  Namely, Venezuela's Jose Jimenez, Julian Marsh in Ft. Lauderdale, Paul Sharman of the UK and Houston's Dirty Disco; the duo comprised of Mark DeLange and JD Arnold. The music however, is just a glimpse of the overall 1-2 punch Eric Alán delivered in this round.


The video for 'My Favorite Sin' was directed by Mikhail Torich and premiered on to rave reviews.  It's a visual and sometimes bloody feast for the eyes that accompanies the rock-solid back beats, darkly driving synths, and singing that recalls everything that was ever good about the Euro-alternative scene of the 1990s.  Not only that, but Alán also managed to incorporate a snippet of the Jose Jimenez club remix for some high octane, choreographed dancing, by Tony Guerrero, amidst the already highly entertaining and (ahem) revealing video.


The song is performed by a graying Alán at center ring.  This Alán represents the scarred and aged Alán, the post-career Alán, the one who gave up fighting long ago.  The title bout in 'My Favorite Sin' is between reigning champ, Eric Alán, and his ominous, black-knight challenger … Eric Alán. Contrary to inner-struggle stereotypes, though, it is not a battle of good vs. evil, and the video gives few clues as to which Alán the music fan should be cheering on. In fact, it’s entirely uncertain which of them, Alán himself, would prefer to win.  The unavoidable point being that they’re both beating agony out of one another and neither of them will relent.  Nor will Eric Alán the artist.




Like the boxer he portrays, Eric Alán's veritcle climb to success did not come easily or without struggles.  It can only be attributed to his hard work, dedication, drive and insatiable ambition.


For those of you who haven’t  yet heard of Eric Alán, it’s time to come out from under that rock and get a good look.

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